5 (Digital) Escape Games That Sam Loves Too Much

Before Escape Rooms were the thriving business they now are, many people who wanted to challenge themselves turned to other types of games, most notably, video games.

Yes, I made the jump! Now just to- Oh.

There areĀ A LOTĀ of video games based around escaping and, if you love playing or building escape rooms, then you certainly should be looking at some of these as your next inspiration, challenge, or both.

After the break, come and see what games you should start with that offer the best themes, puzzles, and challenge.

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TripAdvisor Woes

When Cryptology Started

TripAdvisor definitely helps us escape rooms out, there is no doubt.

I recall being number 41 of 41 fun things to do in Nottingham, and I oddly got a booking because they “wanted to try us out”. They had not even done an escape room before!

Now, two years on, things have changed a little.

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Cryptology’s Blog Is Born!

The Beginning v2.0

It has been my intention to get a content-rich blog based on Escape Rooms and Cryptology for quite some time.

As a business owner, every day is work-day, and you’re often juggling a lot of balls. The to do lists grow, you usually ignore their priority order, but I can now say that this (which wasn’t top of my list, silly Mark!) is now complete.

You can expect to see blog posts from Mark and Simon (the owners of Cryptology Nottingham and Cryptology Barnsley) on their new attractions, and blog posts from all employees about things escapey and otherwise!